This mom’s got some side hustle to share with y’all!

You have probably once heard or read Albert Einstein’s “You never fail until you stop trying.”

Apparently, this has become my recent motto as I venture into the blogosphere.

For the past decade, I have been happy and content with my job as a teacher. It is the noblest, the most humbling and the most exciting profession one could ever have.

Working with children on a daily can definitely be exhausting and stressful at times but it has been the most rewarding I have done so far. I get to experience all sorts of chaos and fun in my class.

Teaching has become my life and my passion until I become a mom. Well, it is still my passion but of course, #momlife is now my priority.

To be honest, I have this desire to totally stay at home with my kids but still get to enjoy teaching and earn some extra. I have this desire to totally ditch my “nine-to-five” so I could focus more on my own children.

Having two girls ignite my desire to be a “full-blooded SAHM/WAHM”. However, that doesn’t just happen overnight.

So to prepare myself emotionally and mentally for this change, I have started my blogging as a side hustle.

Right now, I still do classroom teaching and I try to find some time to blog once in a while.

And yes, it may not sound a unique idea at all.

In fact, many of the bloggers I know and have inspired me to be one, are mostly moms, too!

Alright, enough of my yada yada!

Here is my top list of work ideas that you can actually do from home!

1. Online teaching

Teaching Online is one of the most flexible and rewarding jobs you can do without leaving your home.

If you have the qualification and the passion to teach kids, you can earn as much while enjoying the freedom of choosing your own working hours.

Just make sure you have your own quiet working station at home, good working headset and fast internet to avoid the hassle during your teaching hours.

Be extra jolly and creative as most of the students are kids and you know they have a very little attention span.

I have been an online teacher for about 5 years before I became a classroom teacher. Most of my students were Koreans, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish and Spanish. And even if I have stopped teaching online for more than half a decade now, I still get to talk to some of my former students on social media.

It feels rewarding that they never forget and are still very grateful for the knowledge I have shared with them.

A few of top online teaching companies today are VIPKID and Palfish
(Use this Invitation Code 04316339 for Palfish)

The #1 Writing Tool

2. Blogging

You have probably already heard that “writers don’t make money”. Though there’s maybe truth in it for people in the past but for this internet era with loads of advertisers, believe me, there’s some $ in writing.

“But I don’t know how to write! I am afraid people might just laugh at my blogs.”

So what? Fret not, dear friend!

You don’t have to be a prolific writer to be a blogger. Blogging skills can be learned! Yes!

Find your passion first. Find out what really interests you and identify your target readers.

Who are you targeting to blog for?

This is very crucial to your blogging biz. You want to make sure you have a steady anchor to begin with.

Blogging without clear direction and goal will not guarantee a success for you — and you don’t want to end up being frustrated later on.

Besides, it’s going to be hard to do or to write something you are not really passionate about. Take note that your genuine love for what you do will always show.

Do you have a heart for traveling, photography, food, gadgets, fashion, pets and maybe hobbies that you can share to anyone?

There are tons of free resources online that you can use and learn from.
Elna, the owner of ‘Twins Mommy’ provides very helpful tips especially for new mommy bloggers.

A few of her courses are:

Write Your Way to Your First $1k 
Ready Set Blog for Traffic 
Writer Website in a Weekend
Pinterest Perfection Masterclass

Once you discover what you are most passionate about, you can join groups on social media to connect with others who share the same interest, to enhance your skills.

Learn from others’ experience. It will not hurt if you copy their proven success method. Just think that you can pass along all your knowledge with others later on.


If you are a Filipina blogger or aspiring blogger, I am inviting you to join us on FACEBOOK.


If you decide to start a blogging career, the following tools are recommended by most experienced bloggers:

Start with a domain name. Namecheap offers cheap domain names but comes with a very reliable service. They have over 10 million registered domains by far and is one of the best domain registrars and web hosting providers in the world.

BlueHost is one of the leading web hosting provider for over 2 million websites worldwide. It is extremely affordable especially for new bloggers. 

(I have partnered with them also to get you a BIG DISCOUNT! Again, If you make a purchase through this link or any link in this post, I may earn a small commission at NO EXTRA COST TO YOU.)


*Special intro offer and 30-day money-back guarantee

You can also try Weebly as another option for website creation and web hosting service.

I use Jaaxy for my website as it is the best keyword research tool you’ll ever come across.


Semrush is also another favorite for keyword research and SEO solutions.

If you are hesitant because English is not your first language, that my dear, is just another easy skill that you can learn and master like nothing.

You can always start a blog in any language you are most comfortable with.

If you blog in English, Grammarly has got you covered.
It is my most favorite writing tool as it provides accurate and effective help on grammar checking, spell checking and even plagiarism detection, and best of all, they offer free services too.


Oh and if writing is not your thing, you can probably give Vlogging a try. There are tons of tutorials on YouTube on “How to Vlog”, to help you get started.

This post was proofread by Grammarly

Email List

Now when it comes to growing your email list, I can recommend  MailChimp and ConvertKit. You can get MailChimp for Free for up to first 2000 subscribers, while ConvertKit offers you a free trial for 14 days with a 30-day refund policy. 

I’ll make an update on this one in the near future so click here to NOT MISS A POST!

How to get paid online? 

The most common modes of online payment are PAYPAL, SKRILL and PAYONEER. 

Sign up here for PAYPAL

Sign up here for SKRILL

Sign up here for Payoneer

3. Network Marketing

I have also been in and out of Network Marketing or MLM industry since I started working but let me tell you, I STILL HAVE NO CASH BUNDLES, HOUSE AND LOT and FLASHY CARS to flaunt.

My epic fail reason? DOUBT. I was not a firm believer of what I was promoting. I wasn’t dedicated to learning the HOWS of my business and that ended there. I made myself believe that once I invest money on it, I can just sit and watch my money grow.

Oh no! That was a huge mistake!

My advice?

Before you jump into any Network Marketing, learn the business by heart. Build genuine relationship to make your business a success. Learn all the HOWS of your business and apply what you learn. There’s no real ‘rich-quick’ scheme nowadays. You have to work hard for it. Work hard for success.

So far, I am happy and satisfied with my Young Living experience, mainly because of the great products they offer.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Download my Affiliate Program Ideas for newbies here:

Are you familiar with affiliate marketing?

Well, I wasn’t until I have encountered Wealthy Affiliate about 2 months ago. I first doubted that they were a scam but the good thing was, they have a FREE MEMBERSHIP to satisfy your curiosity.

Affiliate marketing is mainly getting paid commission from generated traffic and sales referrals.

Well, I realized I am sort of familiar with it but only then I understood what it really was all about.

There are tons of companies that you can affiliate for as long as you either have a blog or social media platforms with great organic engagement and followings.

Have you noticed all the advertisement on my website and even on my social media platforms?

Have you seen the terms Brand Rep/Ambassador, Influencer and Coupon Codes floating around social media?

That’s it, my friend! We earn some commission from successful referrals.

Promote other merchant’s products, then earn commission.


Hold on a second.

I may have made it sound easy with my last statement.

(But no. Go back to what I’ve said about working hard for success.)





Create my free Wealthy Affiliate account!


What do I get from Wealthy Affiliate?

WA offers online courses for blogging, building a website and online business including affiliate marketing.

It sure does sound like a scam at first. Actually, most online marketing do sound like a scam!

Remember what I said about my failure with previous marketing biz? Doubt. And not working hard for it.

This time it’s different.

Here’s why.

1. I learned to build my own profitable website without taking out my credit card to sign up.

2. I get to enjoy and revive my love for writing and potentially earn from it. I get to enjoy the things that I am doing and learning from it at the same time.

3. I learned how to manage my website and have it up and running right away.

4. I learned to be extra computer savvy. With the help of the online trainings, I’m no longer scared of the jargons like SEO, HTML codes, monetizing, content marketing, email marketing, lead magnet etc.”

5. Free website with Free hosting. Yes, with your free membership you can keep your free websites built on a sub-domain.

My website used to be now it is .net

I bought my own domain name just so I could take more control of my ownership.

Take note, you do not have to get your own domain if you do not want to spend yet.

Click here to get started with the training!

So How Do I earn as an affiliate for Wealthy Affiliate?

Have I earned yet?

My honest answer is YES and NO.

No. I have not yet earned direct referral commission from premium sign up but only from Free Membership sign up.

And on top of it, though not directly from WA, I have earned my first successful sales commission from another affiliate program I have signed up for through my blog.

Tadaaah $49.47 What the perks!

Not to mention the awesome freebies and huge discounts I get from my COLLABORATION with other merchants!

Awesome, right?

Told ya there’s money in writing!

I’m only on my 3rd month now. And yes, I will work hard for that dream SAHM life.

(Since I have started blogging, I was not focused on earning. It was more of an outlet for me as I was having some postpartum struggles. Blogging has somehow become my therapy.)

Sign me up for Wealthy Affiliate FREE MEMBERSHIP now!

If you search for Wealthy affiliate online, you will most likely come across tons of positive reviews and might think that they aren’t honest reviews but only for attracting people to join the tribe.

And that is one reason I have not yet gone into promoting WA as I was still in doubt whether it’s a scam or not.

However, take note that WA is not your traditional online marketing. WA focuses more on providing training and they earn through people who sign up for premium memberships.

It is entirely up to you if you go for a premium.

Wait up a little and see from others’ experience in the community.

Research. Research. Research thoroughly before you sign up for a premium.

You see, I keep reiterating that you ‘research’. Because that’s what I did. I did not jump into premium right away.

I maximized my FREE MEMBERSHIP and delayed the premium for some time.

Yes, I am ready to start my free membership.

Wait, what? You earn commission with your FREE MEMBERSHIP?

Y-U-P! You get to earn 15% commission for promoting WA plus you get to keep your two free websites for as long as you want.

But why did I go premium if I could earn already from FREE MEMBERSHIP?

But who doesn’t want higher commissions?

Premium membership costs $49 a month, $359 a year with unlimited access to ALL WA trainings and 50% commission for promoting WA.


Don’t click that sign up button just yet!

Remember what I told you about the NOT get-rich-quick scheme?

Think again.

If you are serious about building a long term online business, do not expect magic to happen!

Work hard for success.

Join Wealthy Affiliate Here!

One more thing that I have learned so far, is to not get too stressed over things that I have no control of.


Focus on the things that ‘you can’ and believe that YOU can because YOU CAN!



Download my Affiliate Program Ideas for newbies here:

You may also try the Ultimate Bundles affiliate program for free. 


Why become an Ultimate Bundles Affiliate?

1. They offer incredible bundles for your audience at 90-97% discount.
2. They generously offer 40% commission for every bundle successfully sold through your referral link.
3. You get access to affiliate marketing trainings!

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I hope the TIPS and IDEAS above are helpful for you to decide on which other ways you can earn without leaving the comforts of your home. 

Note that I will be updating this post once in a while so don’t forget to click bookmark on your browser! 

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