Shops and Services in Mongolia

When I first arrived in Ulaanbaatar in 2011, I nearly had the urge to go back home right away. Not meaning to make it sound negative, but the poor quality in health care, the lack of decent malls and shops and similar places that I frequent to when I was in my country, made me really miss home. I remember I would often complain about the-not-so-friendly staffs in most service centers and I couldn’t get the customer satisfaction as I felt like they were really unhelpful at all. But for some reasons, the lack of English and proper customer care training are a few.

However, in recent years, UB has changed tremendously and I must say, it is pretty impressive – infrastructure and services wise. And if you are new or still planning to come to Ulaanbaatar (especially with young children), this list might be useful.

Please note that this is purely a recommendation based on my personal experience. I am not getting paid to feature them here.

Health care:

BolorDent – Dr. Bolor
Call 7600 6505

Call: 7701-1111
Dr. Batnasan (OBGYN-Senior Physician)
Dr. Alberto (Dental)
Dr. Erdenetsetseg (Neonatal-Pediatrics)

Zint Clinic
Dr. Navchaa (Pediatrics)

@ encanto sports complex
@ dudu museum

Shops/ Recreation etc:

Shangri-la Centre
Hunnu Mall
Zaisan Hill Complex
Story Hub
DuDu Museum
Creative Bamboo Facebook:
Bricks 4 Kids
Metrii Photo Studio
Encanto Sports Complex

dining in shangri-la

With Delivery Service

Orgio Kitchen (Food)

VPoint (Convenience store)

Baby World (Baby gear etc)

@creative bamboo