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Karen Thurm Safran

Karen Thurm Safran the author of Parenting—Let’s Make a Game of It has awesome news for all of you!

Well, yes call it a perfect MOTHER’S DAY or FATHER’S DAY gift as you get new ideas to turn your frustrating parenting moments (misbehavior, defiance, meltdowns) into a FAMILY FUN!

For only $2.99 until April 30th, you can turn your chaotic moments into cherished memories.

Less drama in the house, momma!

Yes, calm that chaos for only $2.99!


Start finding the fun in parenting!

Parenting—Let’s Make a Game of It is an entertaining, easy-to-read book with creative parenting approaches. Through light-hearted stories, you’ll learn playful ways to stop struggling with your child and start having more fun. Each story stands alone, so you can read them sequentially or skip to a particular parenting challenge.

Like many parents, the mom in this book faces everyday challenges during her children’s toddler through elementary school years. When she changes her approach and uses games, things quickly improve. Tension turns to quality time. And life becomes more playful.

Special Pricing (thru April 30th)

eBook: $2.99 (regular price is $9.99)

Paperback book: $8.99 (regular price is $11.99)

What’s inside Parenting—Let’s Make a Game of It?

Part I: Ugh, My Child Won’t Cooperate

  • Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Drink: Getting Kids to Drink When They’re Sick
  • Proud Member of the Clean Plate Club: Eating with Manners
  • Do We Have to Visit a Dumb Art Museum? Making Museum Visits Fun
  • Sixty Packets of Oatmeal: Using a Bar Graph to Incentivize Kids
  • A Playful Let’s-Keep-The-House-Neat Unpacking Game: Using Music to Make Chores Fun
  • Ooh, Where Do You Want to Go? Engaging Kids While Walking to the Airport Gate
  • When You Wish Upon a Star: Assigning Chores with an Odd-Even Reward System

Part II: Oh No, My Child is Distressed

  • Please, Just One Night of Sleep: Making a Child Feel Secure at Night
  • Let’s Fly the Plane! Gaining Control to Tackle a Fear
  • The Surprise Impromptu Dance Performance: Turning Fear into Fun
  • The Secret Magical Breath: Teaching Stress Reduction with Mindful Breathing
  • Winning the Spider Game: Tackling Fear Through Desensitization
  • Why-I-Love-Indian-Food-So-Much-That-It’s-The-Only-Thing-I-Want-To-Eat: Teaching Writing Skills
  • The Day We Screamed Profanities While Driving to Synagogue: Tackling Fear by Challenging the Inner Voice

Part III: Oh-Oh, My Child is Bored

  • One, Three, Five, Seven, Nine. Odd Numbers Are Mighty Fine: Gas Station Guessing Game
  • The Eyebrows-Raised-Head-Nodding Signal: Getting a Server’s Attention
  • How Long Before Our Turn? Making a Game of Waiting in Lines
  • Are We There Yet? Keeping Kids Entertained in the Car
  • Passing Time with the Alphabet Search Game: Keeping Kids Busy and Quiet.

Part IV: Yeeks, Everything is Overwhelming

  • Where Do You Live? Memorizing Things to a Song
  • Avoiding the Morning Madness: Empowering Kids with a Morning List
  • Avoiding the Nighttime Nonsense: Empowering Kids with a Nighttime List and Fun Incentive
  • The Clothespin School Folder Organizing Game: Managing All That School Info
  • The Anything-But-Boring-Mommy-Daddy Calendar: Making Splitting Time Between Parents Easier for Kids
  • The Spiffy Project Planning Calendar: Avoiding Procrastination

Part V: Oh Yeah, Live Life to the Fullest

  • A Very Important Appointment: Taking Time to Cherish Life


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Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2019