Essential oils are becoming the new hype in this day and age.
But what is it really that’s driving many people (myself included) insane about?

I started my EO journey about 3 months ago after my firstborn got admitted for bacterial-viral meningitis. She was very sick that we had to stay at the hospital for 14 days. I was at that time about 4 months pregnant with my second child. With very limited help, I got no choice but to stay with her at the hospital myself. My husband works in a mine miles away from us. I was very frustrated and brokenhearted at that time seeing her on the hospital bed. So when we got out, I became extremely anxious about her recovery since obviously, her immune system got very weak. I was so worried about her getting sick again. Add the thoughts that winter’s almost coming, along with many sicknesses with it, and the fact that we live in one of the most polluted cities in the world.

So I searched for possible alternatives. (At that time, I was also looking for natural ways to get rid of bugs at home.)
I became a fan of air purifying plants, air purifiers and humidifiers and almost anything that I could find useful.

Upon my search, I came across these EO posts on the internet. Then a couple of my friends messaged me and recommended to give Young Living oils a try.

To cut a long story short, I ended up ordering online from the US since there was no physical store here yet and the distributors I’ve met do not have on hand oils for reselling.

At first, I was a little skeptic about it as I thought I have jumped into another useless fad again but when I started reading and studying, I have learned how powerful these oils are and how much they impact on people’s health and well-being. I’ve understood that these oils DO NOT actually cure illnesses but rather an alternative therapy to have better health. These oils are made basically to support and boost one’s overall well-being. 

Many people rely on aromatherapy for stress and aches, and that’s only a few among its many uses. Most of these oils are not meant to be ingested unless of course advised by an expert. They are mostly used in diffusers, inhaled or diluted and applied on the skin for massages. Interestingly, these oils are also a great natural alternative for household cleaning products as most of them have antibacterial and antiviral properties.


Update on my Oily Journey:

It has been 2 months since I made this post hoping to document our “oily lifestyle” as we call it.

Despite the recent flu outbreak in our area, the good news is, none in my family has gotten any serious respiratory illness yet. I am truly thankful that these oils have brought significant change and benefit for us.

I do have my favorite recipes for diffusing and I am recently learning how to make my own roller blends. If you want to find out more, click on the link below to my instagram.



And as I always say, I am not a medical/ health expert so I am not recommending it to everyone, it would still be best to consult an expert of course. I’m just another mom who wants the best for her family and I personally say, these EOs so far have worked for us and I could say one of the best investments I’ve had so far as my entire household benefits from them.


I encourage you to do your research too and tell me your thoughts about it.
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