February 23, 2019

What fun ways to do with a preschooler to beat boredom? Science experiments!

Making homemade play-dough and slime has already become ordinary to my little explorer so, every time she sees something fun to do from “Ryan” on YouTube, she’d definitely become interested to give it a try, too.

But since coming home with the baby, I had quite struggled in figuring out how to manage time for both of them. For the longest time, we have not done anything “cool and fun”.

Yesterday we were finally able to do one and it made her super excited and curious – watching gummy bears grow!


Question: What will happen to the gummy bears after soaking them in different liquids?


What my five-year-old thinks will happen?

I think they’re gonna turn salty and too sugary and soda-ey (invented her own word)
I think the red one will grow the biggest because that’s my favorite color and it has sugar!

We need:

Gummy Bears
Salt Water
Water with Sugar
Water with Baking soda


1. Prepare a number of bowls of the same size.
2. Place one gummy bear in each bowl.
(Make sure you first record the gummy bear size for comparison.)
3. Add the liquids to each bowl.
(We just used 15 ml water + 1 teaspoon of salt/sugar/baking soda)
4. Document the changes for each day.
5. Make a table to record your data. Make a graph to compare your results.


Run the test for a couple of days or until when you desire.
*I wouldn’t suggest the taste test (Test at your OWN RISK)

Compared to normal size

Compared to normal size

Compared to normal size

Compared to normal size

Observations of a five-year-old:

What happened to the gummies?

They turned bigger but the yellow one grew the biggest and then the red and the green.
The orange gummy did not grow, I think.

They kind of feel weird, wet, slippery and easy to break but not the orange one. The orange gummy is a bit hard.

This can be an interesting activity that you may try with your toddler or preschooler too!

We’ll also update this blog whenever we have experiments to share with you.

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