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Dearest Wing,


I am sorry.

I am sorry for being short-fused today and I failed to keep my cool with you. Through everything that was going on inside my head and your brother being extra active today, I fail to remember that you are still a child. A child wanting to explore her limits, a girl wanting to maximize her time off from school because finally, you can play all day and most of all, you are a daughter wanting more attention and affection from her Mommy.

Mommy is so sorry.

I am sorry that I would need extra patience from you. Mommy cannot do all things at once.

I’m sorry if I fail to see that like me, you are still adjusting and coping with having a baby in the house. You used to be the center of my attention, now you get to share it with your brother.

I’m sorry for my shortcomings. I am just a human being, and this motherhood thing is still quite new to me. I fail. I make mistakes. I get tired. I get sick. Mommy is not as super human as you think she is. Between work, motherhood, wife duties and house managing, I still have things to do for myself. It is handful, yes. It gets lonely, yes. But seeing you healthy, intelligent, well-fed, and beautiful makes it all worth it.

Tomorrow is another day, my love.

Another day for Mommy to juggle everything at once. Another day for you to wear the hat of being my daughter, an older sister, a budding gamer, and most of all, being yourself. I promise and will strive to be better than yesterday, and given your attitude, I know you will do that to. It’s one of the things that I am most proud of you.


My dear Wing, time will come that you will wear many more hats at once just like me, but please always remember to save some energy, some love, for yourself. Never forget who you are no matter how much the world pulls you into every direction. Never forget to take care of yourself because you will need it the most. Not just physically, but mentally, spiritually, and most importantly, financially. Never stop learning. Never stop sharpening your saw. Never stop being your friend because at the end of the day, no one will pick you up when all else fails but you. You are responsible for pushing yourself up. Never lose that unshakable belief in yourself that you possess right now. The world is harsh, my dear. People will try to break you. People will use you. But never let them win.

Mommy is so sorry for today. I promise I will love you harder tomorrow.

I love you, my forever baby girl!



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Lezlie graduated Magna Cum Laude in college, wrote two books about killer Amazon Listing Optimization Techniques, has a killer full time work which pays 6 digits per month while maintaining a very tidy house and being a full time, hands on mom to two well-behaved, perfect kids. She manages to juggle everything while wearing her 6inch red stilettos. She’s a walking dream girl, a real life part veela that will surely take any man’s breath away with her beauty, charm, wit, and intelligence.

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