Lezlie graduated Magna Cum Laude in college, wrote two books about killer Amazon Listing Optimization Techniques, has a killer full timework which pays 6 digits per month while maintaining a very tidy house and being a full time, hands on mom to two well-behaved, perfect kids. She manages to juggle everything while wearing her 6inch red stilettos. She’s a walking dream girl, a real life part veelathat will surely take any man’s breath away with her beauty, charm, wit, and intelligence.

Amazing, right? Yes it is! Except for the fact that only one thing is true: Lezlie is a mom of two kids. That description is for Lezlie that lives in the parallel world. So read it again and imagine the opposite, that’s Lezlie. Well except for the perfect kids, Lezlie’s kids are perfect in her eyes. Fight her, I dare you!

Follow Lezlie’s family travel adventures and misadventures at @lezcarbs_42 on Instagram. 

She’s blogging real soon!