Instagram is nowadays becoming a huge platform for moms encouraging breastfeeding and sharing many stories of motherhood. Most often you’ll see are raw, heartfelt stories and very inspirational especially for the newbies in the parenting world.

(But before I present my recent top picks for ‘Instagram breastfeeding stories to follow’, let me share with you my own.)

As a breastfeeding mom of two myself (at the time of this writing, my firstborn is almost 5 years old and my youngest has just turned 3 months), I would say, breastfeeding is not only a privilege but a great blessing — a great gift I was given. To be honest, I have always been anxious about many things motherhood would bring — whether I’m able to give my kids all that’s best for them, just like any other new momma out there.

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I struggled so hard when I first began my breastfeeding journey with my firstborn five years ago. The lack of gentle support and encouragement around has put so much pressure on me that I felt and thought about it as a daunting task. I believe, for every first-time mom, it is common to struggle at it — from learning the correct feeding positions, intervals to breastfeeding diet and everything else including breastfeeding myths that most people feed around are, too much mental load for a new mom.

I myself experienced it. I came to a point where I felt like the surrounding people were just too pushy to get me going faster than my natural body’s response to feeding my child. I remember elders massaging me like I was a cow being milked on. I remember them scolding me for not producing milk. Not to mention that at that time, I was still recuperating, I was literally in bed recovering from a CS operation.

The pressure, the aches, and pain were just too overwhelming for me to be able to focus on nursing. I felt too pressured to breastfeed. I felt like I had no choice despite not producing milk at that time. I felt like all the weight of the world was upon my shoulders and although I knew the elders mean no ill intention at all, I felt hopeless, stressed and thought I failed at my first phase of motherhood already.

As a first time mom, that was indeed a traumatic experience but despite everything, I did not give up. I still tried and eventually realized that though motherhood may take its toll on your mental, physical and emotional health, you’d still be willing to do everything for your precious child.

I became rather thankful that I was able to continue nursing my firstborn up to now, she’s almost 5 and we do tandem breastfeeding sometimes. I am thankful that I did, and I know not all moms are gifted to do so. Though I have learned it the hard way, I truly value and appreciate it as a priceless gift I’m able to give my children.

This breastfeeding journey may not be easy and not always beautiful, but remember that our children will not forever be little, and in this journey, we are never alone.

So as promised, here I compiled some great breastfeeding stories of Instagram moms that you can follow and get inspirations from:


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?little peach of the day? ?you know your baby best? Motherhood can be tough. Learning new things every single day , worrying, being scared and downright questioning everything can make you feel like others might actually know better when they approach you with “ advice” ?I have heard the same advice over and over again and then in a doubtful moment I actually question if they may be right even tho in my heart I know it is not for me. ?when my first daughter marnie terrorised our nights with waking up every 30minutes – the sleep deprived doubtful me went and tested if filling her up with formula would get her to miraculously sleep through the night. And low and behold It made no difference if anything it made it worse as she was too full ?the words of others have a huge impact , they may not get you the first time, maybe not the second time but in a doubtful down day( and yes we all have them) they creep in and they make you question, should I let baby cry out ? Am I spoiling you? Is this normal? Am I doing this wrong? ?but the thing about advice it that is often comes from people that have spend little to no time with baby, that actually do not sleep next to you in bed and help you out , that do not sit there feeding your child that refuses this meal for the 100th time, and that simple do not know YOUR baby like YOU do! ?often well meaning advice comes from myth and misconceptions about breastfeeding , and although intentions are to help you in this situation the offered solutions are often just stop breastfeeding ?and advice that is a misconception leads Mamas question their knowledge about your own child ?but mamas please repeat after me: YOU may be new to all of this, and yes it might sometimes feel like a massive rollercoaster ,but YOU know your baby best, YOU spend 24/7 with your baby, and YOU are the MAMA! You do what works for YOU. And you stick to what is best for YOU and YOUR child! ?others may have done it different , not done it at all, or don’t understand your ways of doing things but do not let anyone tell your how to mother your child because the way you choose to mother your child has to work for you and your baby only ?

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This week is breastfeeding awareness week, so here’s my experience✨ ✨ I breastfed both of my children because after researching the topic for myself I knew that the health benefits were endless and for me personally that by far outweighed the need to share the night feeds (which can still be done when you breastfeed but both my babies enjoyed the connection and comfort at night time) or my ability to go out drinking✨ ✨ I understand that there are many women who would love to breastfeed if they could and those who tried and couldn’t continue so I never judge anybody else’s decision. I am COMPLETELY PRO CHOICE, but I feel that as a mother I have a duty to make informed decisions when it comes to all areas of my own health and the health of my children. These little humans are counting on me to look after them and I just don’t take that lightly✨ ✨ Women often talk about breastfeeding being the most difficult thing they’ve ever done in their life and whilst I don’t disagree that the sleepless nights, broken sleep, nipple pinching, biting and general soreness, the lifestyle restrictions and the sheer size of my boobs was tough, that’s not what I will remember about breastfeeding my kids in years to come✨ ✨ I’ll remember the exceptional bond that I had between me and my babies, that is near impossible to put into words✨ ✨ I’ll remember the tremendous health benefits that I’ve experienced first hand – both my kids have never had any of the “infections” ie chest, ear, throat and as a result have never had any antibiotics, which play havoc with the gut flora, as they not only wipe out disease causing bacteria that threaten our health but they also wipe out the good bacteria too. But in addition to this, antibiotic use in children is said to have a broader impact on health that adults, including long-term consequences. A big concern is the extent to which antibiotic use in childhood messes with the trillions of bugs that live in the gut, wiping out everything, including the ones that might reduce a child’s risk of developing asthma, inflammatory bowel disease and even obesity later in life. The absence of many different bacteria is associated with disease✨ ✨ *See comments

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A glimpse into motherhood. It isn't always fields of sunflowers and coordinated outfits. Oftentimes motherhood is exhausting and loud and messy and dirty and we lose our cool. It isn't always full of energy, cooperation, or smiles either. Getting a toddler to participate for a photo, let alone smile, is like convincing a shark to get on an airplane. No kidding we have to take at least 50+ pictures on the reg and he STILL usually turns up blurry and/or cranky. Y'all, Pryor has 1 pair of shoes left that fit him, my infant suddenly hatesss his car seat, and there are days when i literally can't survive another hour without a nap. My husband snapped this the other day. I didn't even realize I had fallen asleep. However rare it may be, there is so much peace amongst us in this moment and I love it. A break from the chaos, the "nap in your bed" struggle, the loudness. Everything came to a complete stop and the universe gave us all what we needed. Including a firetruck. #worldbreastfeedingweek

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I have this theory that no one actually cares about breastfeeding they just aren’t used to it. In my experience I crack one joke to ease the tension and NO one cares, I turn a bit not because I’m ashamed it’s just easing people into it I get it! I’m not going for shock value. I really don’t think my child’s generation will care half as much but currently it’s new to a lot of people. It JUST became legal to breastfeed in public in all the states? Insane. I don’t think this normalizing movement I see always has to be so aggressive like ‘you leave the room! don’t sexualize me!!’ Etc. I remember the first time a woman pulled her boobs out to feed her child in front of me I blushed a bit and didn’t know where to look, oh my! Half a boob! I wasn’t offended it was just new. Now I don’t even think about it, it’s not on my radar as something to react to. 95% of the normal population I think feel the same and don’t have some extreme reaction. Normalizing doesn’t have to be some reactive fight for my rights all the time, it can just be acting normal -how I actually feel- and others seeing that and going oh, I’ve adjusted, now what? Lol who are these people that CARE so much?? I get I’m lucky and that there are women who are confronted and really are fighting for their rights, and I know the history of women’s rights and how blessed I am to have the freedom I do. But I want to pass down that education and the appreciation to Thea, the science and the research, not just this crazy reactivity I see around the topic. And this picture is 100 percent my life just as much as every picture of her on my hip. It just IS as normal. Just as joyful. But even more authentic to what my life is actually like which I love. I’m so thankful for breastfeeding, Thea is in this transition stage from a baby to a toddler. But that same connection since birth that we’ve had while I breastfeed her for comfort and because she’s hungry is helping me so much to let go of my first child’s baby stage. I still get to snuggle her and hold her so much. She’s just a little more cheeky and silly now, I never want to forget these days not being able to drink my morning coffee with her

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I’ve been asked a lot lately (especially this last week) if I am still nursing Emelia. – 16 months and we are still going strong! Of course this picture looks cozy and peaceful and it was. It was a special quiet moment that we had in an otherwise busy weekend a couple weeks ago. It was why I snapped a picture. I had no intention of sharing it at the time. But this scene was not how our nursing journey began. . Between her severe tongue and lip tie and multiple procedures to correct them and my body reacting with excruciating vasospasms making me dread every single nursing session, we started our journey with lots and lots of tears between the two of us and not knowing if I could continue. I spent months preparing my body to nurse (I used the Newman-Goldfarb protocol for anyone interested). My husband knew that this would be a special thing for us if I could just get past this part so he was constantly encouraging me through it. . This has been a very healing experience for me. My body has been able to nourish her and help her grow…something I had no part in before she came to us. In an area where my body had failed me time and time again it was finally doing something wonderful. . Sometimes I wonder if I should even be sharing something so personal but then I remember that the only reason this was even possible for me is because a woman shared it with me years ago. So I do it for the woman reading this who didn’t know this was possible, maybe feeling that her body is broken and is losing hope in ever being able to have an experience that comes so easily for others. First of all, you are perfect the way you are and nursing or even being able to give birth are not the things that define a mother, but I see you. I have felt that too. . This is something I wanted to do for US. And it was a good choice for our family. I know not all mommas choose to nurse or can nurse and that is most certainly ok. As my beautiful friend @highfiveforlove said the other day, “Let’s #normalizebreastfeeding but let’s also normalize supporting mothers because really – we are all just doing our best.” . . #breastfeedingawareness #breastfeedingawarenessmonth #adoptivebreastfeeding

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