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Living a mom life wasn’t really my ultimate dream.
I wanted to do many stuff. I wanted to try new things.
I wanted to travel.
I wanted to finish grad school.
I wanted to do so-and-so.
But here I am now a happy mother of two in my thirty, pondering on my wandering thoughts about motherhood’s daily wonders, and of course, struggles included.

Living a mom life has given me a different perspective. It is tough and not for the faint of heart as it is literally always exhausting and very exhausting (did I say it is?), as you strive to get through your daily doses of meltdowns, of cuddles and chaos and more chaos.

Living a mom life has overwhelmed me in so many ways but has shaped me, and is shaping me to be a better version of myself as I go through my daily struggles.

Living a mom life isn’t an ideal dream for some. But hey, what I love about it, above all, is the feeling of fulfillment every time I see my family healthy and happy.

Living a mom life is hard but mega fun and rewarding, that’s for sure.

This is where I write down my random musings and mishaps to share with you. You are very much welcome to share your stories with me here, too. I love to read and hear raw stories that inspire and warm the heart.

This is what this blog is for. To share not only all the beauties but also all the ‘uglies’ of mom life.

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About the Author

I’m a fan and a hoarder of anything related to essential oils and books — kids books to be specific.

A lover of good and anything cute.

I am thirty and a hands-on mom of two.

That’s right. That’s who I am. 

I am also a primary school teacher in Ulaanbaatar, where I live with my family for years now. I teach English and Science to grade-schoolers.

Teaching was the main reason why I came to Mongolia in 2011, but not for long, I’ve also met my husband in that same year and eventually settled.

We now have two beautiful happy girls — hence, I call cheerful nomads.

I’m not a blogger by nature, I’m just another momma who loves to share anything empowering and encouraging to other wives and moms out there.

Jeremiah 29:11 is my life verse.

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