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“What I love is that moment when you go to pick them up from somewhere and they don’t see you right away and the second they do, their face lights up. It’s like they are telling everyone that’s MY mom! They are so proud of you and you are proud of them. It’s unconditional love and something to treasure no matter how hard days can be.

Laura Dingman Jafarkhani

“I love being a mom because I get to show unconditional love to a little someone. Motherhood shows a light on how strong I am, have been and can be. Motherhood is rough, wonderful, tearful, challenging, loving and most of all the happiest, most fulfilling lifetime job.”

Natasha Chetty 

“I love being a mom because it has shown me my true strength. It has also deepened my love for my husband watching him become an amazing father to our children. The hard days are impossible, but there is no better reason to be exhausted. No deeper protective love than I have for my family!”

Meredith Redmon

“I love being able to watch my 3 guys flourish and grow as people. I take being a boy mom pretty seriously so watching them be gentlemen, respect women, celebrate diversity, and be kind makes me so very proud bc I know that all of my hard work as a mom is paying off!” 

Erin Smith

“Hugs and kisses in triplicate! Mom of triplets here!”

Angela Fry

“Motherhood is the best and the most challenging thing I’ve ever done! It’s also the most rewarding. Watching my two kids grow into smart, kind, compassionate humans is the greatest gift I could ever receive. Showing my kids the world and learning along with them is my favorite thing to do!” 

Julie Thorne

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Motherhood is something that helped me become a better version of myself. I didn’t realize I can do what I’m doing now if I didn’t become a mother. I didn’t realize I can love this much without expecting anything in return (except for hugs and kisses from the kids, lol). It’s one of the most wonderful things that ever happened to me.”

Jho Krisann Argel Legaspi

“I love being able to share in my children’s creative learning journey! They inspire me and make me a better person. It may be a constant challenge, but I love it and wouldn’t trade it for the world! I learn something new every day, which is really the best thing ever. “

Alexandra Derry

“Watching my boys grow and learn provides ultimate joy… and tons of laughs. Even on bad days, they are totally selfless in their love for me. It is mind boggling how I can create such perfect little creatures.”

Mallory Richardson

“What I love about motherhood, that these kids are absolutely the best parts of me and my husband. And all my bad parts? Like selfishness and impatience? One of the many blessings of motherhood is that these children return the favor and teach ME how to be more loving, giving, gentle, kind and patient. 
This is the toughest work but the most rewarding.”

Stefanie Lowe Rennecker

“My children are an extension of my husband and myself, our little mini-mes. They are my joys, laughs and teach me to enjoy and relax in life. They are my babies no matter how old they get, a gift from God.”

Delaina Cischke

“What I love about motherhood is that I have learned so much! I have learned to be more patient and have grown as a person. I have learned how the heart can grow, how it can double… triple with love. Through watching my kids, I have learned to appreciate the magic in the small things in life. 💗Motherhood has been the hardest, but the best thing I have ever done!”

Lauren Jones Jumrukovski

I was a product of broken family, once broken, sexually abused kid, now motherhood has given my life new meaning and purpose. Motherhood can be very tough on me, yet still, I’d always say without a doubt, it is the best thing that God has ever given to me. It gives reason far beyond my existence. My daughters not only teach me but transform me into the best version of myself. They teach me not only bravery but patience, forgiveness and humility. It’s a high calling that I am blessed to serve.


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