Motherhood can sometimes feel lonely, isolating, frustrating, overwhelming, hard and tiring but guess what, no matter how many ugly emotions there are that come along with it, ‘we’ moms, love this sweet journey!

We have a million reasons to love this calling! 

For this Mother’s Day, I have reached out to my mom tribe and asked them to share what they love about motherhood. 

I hope these words would warm your hearts and give you inspiration! 

“What I love most about being a mom is that I have the opportunity to shape a little human. I can give her experiences, memories and opportunities I never dreamed of having. I can support her and follow her as she does whatever she wants to do in this life.”

Arianne Peters


“What I love about being a mom is watching my little boys grow. I know I’m anything from perfect but to watch my oldest boy growing up to become a little man, because of what I’ve taught him, is the best thing. I love watching our littlest one overcome challenges and thriving is the greatest gift a Mother could get on Mother’s Day.

Lastly, I love how much they love and look up to me—it gives me strength I never knew I had.”

Jennie Anne Carfora

“I love the unconditional love we have for our children and the way they look at us with the same unconventional love. Being a Mom is the hardest yet the most rewarding job we will ever have. We all strive to do the best we can. We win, we lose, we cry, we celebrate, we never give up trying to be the best Mothers we can be.”

Victoria Cornell

“I’ve wanted this life for as long as I can remember and its exceeding all my expectations. This is both the hardest and most rewarding work I’ve ever done. I thought i would be raising and molding this little human but I’m still shocked by how much he teaches me every day. I’ve learned to love deeply and unconditional through his examples. I’ve learned to practice patience as he knows what buttons to push. And I’ve learned to rediscover so many of life’s simple pleasures through his eyes. Motherhood has been and still is such a transformative experience for me. I feel I’m becoming the person i was always meant to be.”

Cendu Param

“As a mother, I love the life lessons that I receive; Joy (my daughter) is a clear picture of God’s love for me. It is strong, resilient, unwavering, and constant even in the midst of my messiness and forgetfulness. These lessons are the ones that cause me to work harder so that she can see a strong mom and, in time, be a strong woman.

Alycia Rochelle

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“I love being able to be a stay at home, homeschooling mom. I love being able to create this deep bond with my children and be able to soak up as much of this season of life as I can.

Yes, it’s tiring and some days are hard, but I will blink and this season of life will be over.”

Kim Camargo

“Being a mom of 5, the thing that I love the most about being a mom is watching each one of my children develop completely different and unique personalities.

The love and care they have for each other is moving.”

Farah Fazal 

“I love the little moments. Often when I think about what I’m grateful for, it’s the crazy giggles, the hilarious facial expressions, or the endearing and unconditional way that they say “I love you.” On those hard mom days, I remind myself that those sweet memorable moments will be gone before I know it.”

Jennifer Kropf

“I just love doing life with them. I thought birthdays and Christmases were fun as a kid, but they are 500 times more fun doing them again with my little people. I love seeing each grow into their own person, entirely unique and equally remarkable.” 

Megan DeCock Bristow

“I love that motherhood is the most intense personal growth lesson I have ever experienced. It is the opportunity to show up make mistakes learn from those mistakes and do better. We get to practice being Kinder humans for those we love the most.”

Sarah Bowers Scott

” I love receiving love from my kids. Being a mom has given me a real purpose in life. There is nothing like watching your kids get hurt or upset, and they come running to you for hugs and cuddles. My son probably calls me mommy 75+ times each day, and each and every time he says mommy, my heart just melts.”

Alison Wilkin

“My baby is gone now, but I loved her sweet smiles, her cuddles and the way she lit up when me and Daddy walked into a room before she could even see or hear us!
I have some posts on bereavement that may be helpful for those who’ve lost.” 

Kaycee Mason

Image from Pixabay